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Hello everyone! It’s my first official update! I promise I’ll get better at getting these out earlier in the day (and on time) so I can get more in. First week IN the field! My companion is amazing and she’s such a good trainer. I feel like we have so many similarities and it makes it really easy to connect with her. I’m very blessed to have her as my companion. Its been an interesting week! My airport experience was interesting to say the least, but I made it to Michigan safe and sound. My mission president met me at the airport and I was able to see my MTC companion in person! That was so awesome and so exciting. We went to the mission home and went through the orientation and that’s where we met our trainers/companions! After that my companion and I went and got this amazing ice cream and stayed at the Sister Training Leaders’ apartment for the night. They lived an hour away and we lived another hour away but it was late. The STLs were so fun and welcoming!

The next day, my companion and I left for our apartment. We dropped by the college in our town in Big Rapids and met with someone to hand out a BOM and a Bible! We hope to meet with him soon to teach him. As we left that appointment, we got a call from the STLs saying they had found my phone! I hadn’t even realized I didn’t have it. 😆 They said it had been found in the middle of the road by a gentleman who was able to drop it off at the church building where the STLs happened to be, so they told me they’d bring it to me. We also learned that it had likely been run over by a car… so my companion and I got some food, went home and she gave me a quick tour of our small, but adorable apartment… thing (I don’t think its actually an apartment lol). We waited for the STLs to arrive and when they handed me my phone, my case looked like it had a thousand tiny dents in it, and the screen protector was cracked so badly. I took the case off as well as the screen protector and experienced my first miracle of the mission field. My phone didn’t have a scratch on it! And we did learn that it indeed had gotten run over by a car…probably our car 😆.
So I’ve had a cool time so far! The next day my companion woke up in the middle of the night saying it was time to get up. We were both so tired and confused that we nearly got ready at 12:30 in the morning! Thankfully we came to our senses and were so happy that we had 6 more hours of sleep. 😴 The next day right after we finished a mission devotional and hung up, we got a call from someone saying they wanted to go to church and take lessons! Miracle #2! We are still working to get a lesson set up, but we are excited! The next night, we had a repeat of my companion waking up and got as far as companion morning prayer before we went back to bed 😆.

We’ve gotten to see some friends (people we are teaching) briefly, but we’ve also made cookies and made some cool meals! I made one of my favorite family dishes on my own for the first time and it actually turned out great! We’ve also been taking walks once or twice nearly every day to the river right next to our house. There’s a pond there too so I get to try to catch frogs and turtles. In the river, along the outskirts (since we can’t go in) we go rock hunting. My companion is a rock collector and loves looking for unique rocks found here in Michigan!

I’m loving it here, and I am still very much adjusting and will probably continue to adjust for the next month or two. Its hard to not be able to communicate with my family throughout the week and I miss my “emotional support” dog. I’m talking to my companion more about how I’m doing, and she’s very kind and patient with me. I’m trying to do my best especially because it feels the the mission field focuses and doing so many of the areas I feel most weak in. Teaching for example, is not my strong suit and I feel like I’m very awkward and nervous. But that’s what my trainer is here for, and I’m pushing through and trying to keep a positive attitude! I’ll drop another post next week, and I hope to hear from some of you! I’ll try to get better at responding to those that have already been contacting me! Thank you for those of you who have reached out! It has been a blessing. And I hope to hear from the rest of you! But most importantly, I hope a little of what I have to say can brighten your day and that you can feels God’s love for you individually. ❤️

Sister (Katie) Malan

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Published by Katie Malan

Sister Malan is currently a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission (United States).

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  1. Just getting caught up on your updates – so fun! I will try to not leave any long messages, nor do I expect responses from you – I just want to bless you with this: “Stay awkward, brave, and kind.”~ Brené Brown.

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