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Ahahahaha! Good morning everybody! I’m full of energy this morning! Hope you all are having a wonderful morning or whatever part of the day it is when you read this. πŸ˜€This week felt a lot more productive than most weeks do. We barely got any responses from people we messaged on FB, and one lady was actually a little upset I texted her (oof), but we got so much done other than FB finding! We had one friend at church this week, we had a new friend, and we put someone on date to be baptized!!! 😯🀯 We are so very excited for our friend and it was a cool experience bc my companion had me ask! It felt so good for someone to accept the gospel!

We were also very blessed that we were able to put a friend on date. We weren’t planning on it coming into the lesson. Earlier this week, President Heap challenged us to focus on baptism this transfer and that if we acted in faith, we would be blessed. Both Sister Harris and myself were kind of thinking to ourselves, how in the world are we supposed to get one of our friends on date? It would take a miracle! But we’ve seen the blessings of acting in faith and being responsive to the Spirit. There were so many things that added up that couldn’t have without the Spirit. It was pretty awkward due to the circumstances, but after we asked and our friend accepted, it felt right. My companion was so right when she related our experience to Nephi when he was charged with slaying Laban. We went not knowing what we were going to do, and the Spirit charged us with asking them to be baptized. I think we focused so much on whether WE thought our friend was ready and didn’t focus on whether the Lord knew they were ready.

I know that as we learn to recognize the Spirit in our lives and put ALL out trust in the Lord, we will be blessed with peace and joy.

This week we were charged to make the decision now, to serve the Lord for the rest of our lives. I really thought about that. I try to have a focus (aside from my mission of course) on using the talents and gifts I have been given to serve the Lord. But what I hadn’t considered was giving and dedicated my entire life to serving the Lord. Its a hard thing to do and I think it looks different for everybody. I want to put my trust in the Lord. I know He wants me to be happy and I know that as we dedicate ourselves to the Lord, that we will find greater, unimaginable joy in our lives. But what does dedicating yourself to the Lord look like for you?

Does it mean giving up on dreams? Does it mean worrying too much that you are wasting your time doing specific things? Does it mean you can’t play games with your friends that don’t really help you learn or are a waste of time? These are all questions I have. What does dedicating my life to the Lord mean for me? Maybe it means I do give up on some of those things and find greater happiness, but those things make me happy and help me connect with others. Am I content with what I am doing outside of my mission? What will I change when I go home? What will I lose when I go home?

I don’t know if I can really answer these questions yet, but I want to focus on one question. What can I continue to do when I get home? Or for you guys if you want to ask this question, what can I change today?

What small and some thing can we change in our lives to better dedicate our lives to the Lord? Maybe we can say,”I can spend more time STUDYING my scriptures.” Maybe we can say,”I can listen to a conference talk.” Maybe we can set goals for ourselves to invite others to “come and see.” Maybe we can focus more on making an effort to help the Lord in His work.

I do KNOW that dedicating ourselves to the Lord in small and simple ways can make BIG changes in our lives. Maybe we don’t know if we can make big changes yet, but maybe we can start with something simple.

This is my invitation to you guys for this week: Pray about what change you can make in your life, or what part of what you do throughout your week that you can increase to better be the Lord’s hand in someone else’s life this week. As you pray about this change, however simple or drastic it may be, listen to the promptings of the Spirit with a decision to follow the prompting you receive. The Spirit will not prompt you to change if you have not already made a decision to act on the answer to the question you are asking. I know that as you pray about what changes you can make, and that as you act on the answers you receive, that you will find a greater joy in your life. You will see more blessings and more happiness. You will be able to more fully trust the Lord. I leave this with you all in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Now! For the snake. 🐍 My companion and I went FB finding in the park this week. We played a bit of Frisbee to get some exercise. Some of you may be asking, how do you exercise by throwing a plastic disc a few yards? Haha. When you throw as bad as my companion and I do, there is a lot of running to go pick up the frisbee out of the bushes. Anyway, so after Frisbee, we found a really cool tree that sat on the edge of the river shore and bent over the shallow part. We decided we would sit on it since it was low, and we wouldn’t be in any danger besides getting our ankles wet. We started over to the tree and were caught by surprise by a small snake! We turned around immediately due to the jump scare, but eventually decided to turn around and go back anyway. We grabbed a stick to poke the bushes with so it would slither away if we ran into it again.

With no sign of the snake, we climbed onto the low and sturdy tree and sat down for our FB finding hour. I stated to take a couple pictures before we started since the view was amazing! …and then I saw the very same snake sitting on the branch across from us. We took some pictures, but he wasn’t moving so we cautiously carried on with our FB finding. We named him Gerald and went on our merry way after half an hour or so. We said bye to Gerald and plan on meeting with him again soon! He was chill after getting on the tree, but it was a little nerve racking sitting there knowing if he turned around towards us, we’d have to scramble out of said tree. πŸ˜…

I hope you guys enjoy hearing from me every week and I would love to hear if you end up having any cool experiences this week (and just to hear from you in general). Love you guys! Have a fantastic week!

Sister (Katie) Malan

Published by Katie Malan

Sister Malan is currently a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission (United States).

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