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Good morning everyone! This week was a little chaotic but really fun! Our friend got baptized yesterday and we were able to get everything ready for it! There was such a sweet spirit there when he got baptized and I’m so excited for the steps he is taking and what he has the ability to experience with the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Though it’s been a hectic week, it’s been good. Everything worked out and we might be teaching a new friend this week so my companion and I are really excited!

I definitely missed my family a lot this week. I realized I hadn’t written about my last day at home and first day in the field so I wrote about it in my journal. It was an emotional roller-coaster hahaha. But I’m good. 😊 My companion and my district is really supportive and they are here for me when I need them. And I’ll be here for them when they need me!

My email is going to be pretty short this week. We’ve got a lot going on today and not too much happened this week besides our baptism! I’m really grateful for the opportunity I have to serve, though it can be challenging at times being away from home. But I know I’m supposed to be where I am and that Heavenly Father knows where I am at spiritually and knows I can still help the people I’m around, whether that’s my companion or the people I’m teaching, or the members in the area. Keep moving forward and strive to be better, but don’t put yourself down for not being where you want to be. It takes time to truly change. You can make it and the Lord will help you and bless you for any effort. You guys are amazing!

As for my… incident… again, in my defense, I wasn’t trying to catch a frog this time… it was a turtle. The ground in the swamp… pond… thing has dried up and solidified quite a bit so I thought I could step on it if I was slow and careful. It worked for two steps. I put a log in front of me to give my foot more area, and it went all the way in to my knee… Due to the more solid nature of the swamp floor, my shoe (same one as last time) got stuck in the pond when I was finally able to pull it out with my companion’s help. Then I had to read my hand in a foot into the gross mud and pull out my shoe… which didn’t really look like a shoe. Hahaha. It was fun.

The best part is, I didn’t catch the turtle. We left the pond to go rinse my leg and shoe off in the river and as we stepped on to the sidewalk we found a turtle chillin’ in the grass… 😑

We picked him up and dubbed him Gerald II. We’ve got some pictures with him! He also had a leech on the butt of his shell, so we scratched it off with a stick. We cleaned him up a little and sent him on his way!

So yeah! That’s my week! 😁 Hope you guys are having an amazing week! Don’t get stuck in a pond! 😉

Sister (Katie) Malan

Published by Katie Malan

Sister Malan is currently a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission (United States).

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