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Goooooood morning everyone! Hope y’all are doing well. This week has been really slow and to be completely honest, we didn’t do much. So there’s not very much to talk about in that department. I got some mail this week! (Thank you) Receiving mail makes my day every time! We probably check our mailbox like 3 or more times a day lol. And I get almost as excited when I get text messages, emails, voice recordings, and pictures from you guys! I just LOVE to hear from you all! I’ve missed home a lot this week…and the freedom to communicate with anyone I want anytime. πŸ˜…

But it’s good here in Michigan. I’m going to be working hard these next couple weeks to get put of the slump I’ve let myself get into. I haven’t been giving it my all and I’ve allowed myself to be lazy. But this new transfer is a new beginning. I want to make some real changes in my commitment and effort as a missionary. If I went home right now, I’d be disappointed in the amount of effort I gave. I want to learn to be better and love the work. I don’t want it to feel like a full time job. I want it to be the best mission I could have served. I know that day to day, my effort will look different, but my commitment should never change. I’ll have my bad days and my good days. I’ll have days when my companion is having a bad day and we can’t do anything, but I want to rediscover my commitment and stick to it with the best of my ability.

A dear friend of mine reminded me of a couple things this week by sending me a simple message. I wrote a response and was happy to be pondering about everything I was writing.

I wrote a lot about Jesus Christ and receiving guidance and strength through trials. I talked about His Atonement and shared a couple personal experiences. I hope to share a little bit of that today.

A big comfort for me has been knowing that, should I ask for it, I will always have someone by my side. One of my favorite poems is “Footprints in The Sand.” I won’t copy it here because it’s a bit long, but if you haven’t read it or want to brush up on it, just search it in Google. πŸ˜‰ It’s pretty self explanatory, so I’ll leave it at that.

Something I’ve only begun to learn is that Christ’s Atonement stretches further than just repentance. He understands everything we go through because of the sacrifice He performed. When you experience pain, He understands. When you experience heartache, He understands. When you are hurt, He understands. And throughout it all, He is with you and mourning with you.

An amazing video I was introduced to during my time in the MTC talked about empathy vs apathy. It was the difference between someone calling for help and you saying,”that’s rough,” and just watching them suffer, and climbing down to them and sharing their load for a moment and offer your experiences and connecting with them. Then, helping them get back to the surface. The video is called “Brene Brown on Empathy.” Its a really good video and I think it really helps us relate to how the Savior doesn’t just stare at us from above and say,”that’s rough.” He climbs down and helps us after connecting with us. But its our choice to let Him help. We always have a choice to follow The Light.

I know this is a shorter email than usual, but I hope I said something that helped you or you could share with a friend. Christ’s Atonement is for everyone. He performed the Atonement for each of us individually. He loves you.

I’ll explain my heading really quick! So Sister Harris and I drove to a member about 20 minutes away from us to just visit briefly and get some info from her and on the way home, it was POURING outside. I heard from a few of you that it rained down in AZ and UT, but this was insane weather! We ended up with 6 inches! 😲

So we get home safely and had just enough time to sit down and settle in to our apartment when we hear sirens. I’m like,”is that a fire truck?” Maybe two hours later we got a text from a member and he texted us saying there was a tornado warning and he wanted to make sure we had a safe place to go. I was like, “wouldn’t someone from the mission tell us if there was a tornado?” And it was only a couple minutes after that, that we received a text on our mission chat telling our zone to be on tornado watch. Turns out we had driven through the precursor to the tornado! And the sirens we heard were for said tornado.

Luckily, there were no touchdowns in Big Rapids and it sounds like there weren’t any injuries during the three tornadoes that touched down throughout Michigan and the wind caused slight damage in a few areas, but nothing serious.

Anyway, that was our Saturday! (Why does everything happen on Saturdays? πŸ˜‘

I love you guys and hope you are having a fantastic week! Feel free to comment and I’ll do my very best to look and respond to them! Stay safe! Enjoy the rain!

Sister (Katie) Malan

Published by Katie Malan

Sister Malan is currently a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission (United States).

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