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Good morning! I’ve got a few things to talk about today! This week we met with a new friend who we’ve been attempting to meet with since my 3rd day here in Michigan! We’ve had some technology issues along the way but we got it all sorted, and we’re so excited to start meeting with our new friend regularly. He has a desire to learn more and be closer to God and we couldn’t be happier! As far as our other two friends, they are still progressing. We have wanted them to experience church but it’s been a struggle for them to make it, and that was our way of hopefully having some of our members being able to meet them. We’ll be taking the next step in doing a lesson with members!

We are thrilled that we are starting to open up again, because it means our branch can start getting together for activities! It would be an amazing opportunity to meet with some of our friends to invite some of their friends. We want to do our very best to help members with their work in gathering Israel. I believe I’ve talked about it before in a previous post, but we are here to help members and to find people who are ready to hear the gospel! It’s every baptized member’s work to gather Israel. To reach put to others in service and love.

I wanted to write about our Zone Conference this week. It was amazing! One of the things we are doing as a mission right now is reading the Book of Mormon and marking any scripture that talks about charity or is an example of charity. Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough to mark and others, that there’s too much to mark! But it’s been such a blessing to read the Book of Mormon with a specific focus. I cant say I’ve ever read the Book of Mormon, and studied a specific topic. I’ve gone looking for specific scriptures before, but nothing like this.

My mission president and his wife told us that it was important to read the Book of Mormon with a fresh pair of eyes as we read over the next couple months. They told us of a general authority who had 100 copies of the Book of Mormon on his shelf. Each one was marked with a different topic, all the way through. His children asked if they could have them after he passed, and he told them he didn’t want them to have those copies. It was a journey for him to go through over each of those topics, and he wanted them to go on that same journey.

It would be such an amazing experience to go through the Book of Mormon all the way through 100 times with a specific topic to study in mind each time. To look at the Book of Mormon each time with a clean slate, a fresh pair of eyes, and new perspective, is so important for that experience. I’ve treasured what we’ve been reading so far.

I would love to invite you all to read the Book of Mormon with us! We are finishing by General Conference this October. Gospel Library has this handy tool where you can go to “Study Tools” and select what you want to study (you’d choose the Book of Mormon in this case) and you choose a date you want to have read the material by. Gospel library figures it all put for you and gives you a day to day reading schedule! I would also invite any of you ready to take on this invitation to mark anything related to charity as you do so, in an unmarked copy of the Boom of Mormon. That part is important!

I know that as you read the Book of Mormon with a focus on charity, you will come to know Christ more fully. You will have more love in your life, and you will be able to see God’s hand in your life more than ever. As you study, pray before and after and even during your study. Ask for understanding, and pray for charity. I know that as you do this, you will be able to express charity in your life and your life will be filled with Christ’s love. You will see it in others, you will be able to express that love, and you will see God’s loving hand in your life every day.

This is an amazing opportunity we have to study together! I pray that everyone can have this experience in their lives, and I am so excited to continue onward to come to know my Savior more fully. I have a lot of work to do, and I have to pray for help in developing Christlike attributes every day. I have to pray for strength to carry on in the work some days. But I’ve seen such a difference in my mission as I’ve shifted my attitude and focus on why I am here. I wrote a bit about that last week I believe.

I know that prayer is a strong tool and opportunity for us to communicate with our Heavenly Father as we read the Book of Mormon, the keystone of Christ’s Church. We can ask for help in developing charity as we read about it in the Boom of Mormon. Invite someone else to study along with you! Its been a neat experience studying with my companion. Let me know if any of you decide to read along with us! I would love to reach out and hear about what you are getting out of the Book of Mormon. I’d love to learn from you all!

I’ll be brief in this last part of my post. First off, my companion and I are both safe and well! We went to the Emergency Room on Saturday (why is it always Saturday lol), to get Sister Harris’ back checked out. We had called to mission nurse and she wanted us to go to urgent care, but there wasn’t one open so she has us go to the ER. Sister Harris hadn’t been able to sleep due to pain in her rib cage and we were concerned that it was because of an accident she was involved in with a dump truck t-boning their car last December. They ended up wanting to take an x-ray of her spine and we were there for roughly 4 hours! They didn’t find anything, gave her some instructions for taking care of the pain, and sent us on our way! 😊 Hopefully that is the last time I have to visit the hospital during my mission haha.

We also got to celebrate Sister Harris’ birthday this week! 🎂🥳🎉 We didn’t do too much, but I’ll leave some pictures below. 😉

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Sister (Katie) Malan

Published by Katie Malan

Sister Malan is currently a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission (United States).

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