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Surrounded By Angels

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone has had a fantastic Thanksgiving and that you all were able to spend a little time with your families. So many wonderful things have happened this week as my companion and I have been setting new goals for ourselves personally, and as a companionship. We had exchanges last week, and interview with our mission president this week. We hear from our mission president very briefly every Monday in response to our emails we write him once a week, so a 15 minute block of time to talk with him in person is just wonderful!
I think I’ve mentioned the last couple weeks that I’ve been struggling to feel like I’m doing a good job with training. My STl assured me that I’m where I need to be, training Sister Peterson the way I need to train her, and my mission president confirmed that to me this last week. I needed to hear that what I’m giving is enough. I worry too much sometimes.
As the Christmas season has approached, there has been a special spirit filling the air especially because of all of the snow! On Thanksgiving during dinner with one of our friends and some of her friends, it snowed pretty heavily! It melted pretty quickly since it was the middle of the day and they salt the roads so well, but it was so beautiful and floated through the air. (We’ve had a lot of sleet lately, so this was pretty neat)
We of course set up our Christmas tree immediately after arriving home from Thanksgiving dinner and "Thanksgiving" Monopoly with a recent convert and his family. It’s pretty small, but still brings that magical spirit I look forward to all year.
I know I’m kind of all over the place today, but I also wanted to mention one of the miracles we saw this week. As it’s been snowing a little more heavily and actually sticking to the ground, driving has been a little scarier. On our way to interviews this last Saturday, I drive with snow on the ground for the first time. It was also currently snowing (though our visibility was just fine). Sister Peterson is from Idaho, so she’d been giving me tips with how to drive. She told me if we start fishtailing, to keep my wheels pointed in the direction the road is going, if there’s ice, to let off the gas and slowly pump my brakes, if I can’t stop for a turn to just keep going, etc. The one thing we later realized that I hadn’t been taught was the danger of bridges.
We drove over a bridge that was covered in black ice (so Sister Peterson says- apparently it’s pretty difficult to spot), and there was what looked like hail, blowing across the surface of the bridge like gumballs. We had slowed to 5 under due to seeing 4 car accidents on the way already, but I was still going pretty fast when we went over the bridge. We started to fishtail and nearly hit three other cars around us. All I could focus on was keeping my wheels toward the direction of the road, and did brake a little (which I was told later is usually not a good thing to do), and it gave us a little traction and put us back into a straight line with the road.
We said a prayer of gratitude immediately after we arrived at our destination. There was definitely heavenly protection that trip.
From what we know, all of the missionaries that made that trek to the Stake Center ranging from 20 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes away, made it there safely, and out of the companionships that we spoke to (including President and Sister Heap I believe), with the exception of one companionship, saw at leat one accident on the way. When we drove to the Stake Center (typically a 35 minute drive for us) it took an hour due to accidents slowing traffic in addition to following the "Michiganders" in driving 20 under the speed limit.
Huge miracles have come our way this week, and I could write about then for hours, but that will have to be something I get a little better at having time for in the future.
We’re about to start a Book of Mormon read as a mission to prepare for General Conference, starting on the 1st of December. We are marking any mention of the Savior in our favorite color, and any other important doctrine in another. If anyone would like to join me and my mission in reading along, send me an email or text (Facebook Messenger works best for me) or even a letter (contact my Dad for an address), and I’ll get you a sheet for what to read each day.
I love you all, and I hope you are staying safe for the holidays! (I just remembered I spoke on conversion briefly at church yesterday, along with two others that spoke. I’m going to have to save that run over for next week I think. I’ll write it over the week) Love you all!

Sister (Katie) Malan

Pictures! (If You Know- You Know, Asian Buffet For Sis P’s Birthday!, Olive Garden For Sis P’s Birthday Dinner! 😋, Gobbling Michelle’s-#givethanksmichigan, Look What I Found…👀😋, Turkey Trot With Sister Peterson. Elder’s Dahl. Kofford. Stewart. Yeomans. Nichols. Bonsignore. & Atwood, Snowy Sunset!)

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Sister Malan is currently a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission (United States).

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