7 February, 2022 09:39

It’s been a good and challenging week. It felt pretty long looking back on it, but it was so good. I think there are just three main things I want to share about this week.
First of all, our friend and newest member, David, received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday! He did his little happy feet dance in church and during our class. He is just so happy all the time! He is going to be (and already is) such an amazing addition to the Lord’s church and its so neat to see all that the gospel is doing for him.

Second, we’ve been working more with our other friend we’ve been teaching as well as her brother! Both of them are now preparing to be baptized and they are so excited. We had met with them to celebrate our friend and one of our member’s birthdays and after our celebration, we had a lesson over at our church about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had such a wonderful discussion about baptism and repentance, and invited them both to be baptized.

The wonderful thing about David and these other friends we are teaching, is that the members in our Branch have been so closely involved with them and bringing them to the gospel. It’s inspiring the members in our Branch to help more, and I think they really see the joy that comes from member-missionary work. I think I mentioned this at some point, but the way I see it is, missionaries are doing the same work we’re helping the members do, because we’re members as well! The two biggest differences I see between members and missionaries, is that set apart missionaries do this full time for 18-24 months, and are set apart to preach the gospel. But missionaries can’t do the work alone.

Without the relationships (or fellowship if you prefer) that the members make with these people the missionaries teach, or without those relationships already developed with people, this work would be much more difficult to accomplish. David for example, already had a relationship with some members, and it’s the only reason he ever considered attending church and learning about our beliefs. He had a lot of questions he felt comfortable asking the members he was friends with. The members just loved God and loved David, and shared their testimony of eternal families when he was going through the hardest time in his life. Then he wanted to learn more, and they invited David to meet with them and the missionaries. Love, share, and invite. It was the same way Michelle was baptized. Now, our two friends preparing for baptism love church because of the relationships they’re building with the members. I’m so grateful for the organization of this church!

This Saturday, I had an opportunity to go on exchanges with Sister Hansen. She has been my STL for all but 2 Transfers (about a month and a half). This is unfortunately her last transfer as a missionary, and I’m sad to see her go. She’s been with me on my journey as a missionary for SO long. Most of my mission. She’s such an example of charity and strength to me, and I’ve needed every second I’ve had with her.

Sometimes I have wondered if this was the mission the Lord wanted me to serve. But then I think about the people that I’ve met. My mission president and his wife. My STLs. My companions. My trainer😻. My trainee🏸. The friends I’ve taught. The friends I’ve lost. No other mission could be as hand crafted and selected as this one was to me at this time in my life. Every transfer or area, I see a theme in what the Lord is trying to teach me. Right now it’s self worth.

Sister Hansen and I talked a lot about self worth on our exchange. She helped me feel loved, and special. She helped me set goals to see myself the way the Lord sees me, and I had an opportunity to share that with our friend who also struggles with her self worth. I have so much more I could share, but I never feel I have the time to write it all, and I will have to focus on keeping the things I’ve learned in my heart and in my actions. I’m excited for zone conference this week (where we get together with several other missionary districts in our stake) and I’ll write about it next week!

Stay safe, love you all. Know you are so loved by your Father in Heaven. ♡

Sister (Katie) Malan


Published by Katie Malan

Sister Malan is currently a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission (United States).

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  1. Ahhh, Katie! It is so sweet to hear of your work with “friends” while serving your mission, including your personal realization that this is YOUR mission, picked out specifically with you in mind! That’s precisely why you are having so much success–both with investigators, members as missionaries, and growth in your confidence as a missionary and a very much loved daughter-of-God! It is very heart-warming to hear your experiences. Thank you for sharing!
    I am really hoping this will work, to “leave a comment,” with just a “click,” and having it go right to you! If it doesn’t, I will (hopefully) be able to copy and paste this into a document and send it to you. Honestly, that’s an extra step that keeps me from responding every week. I am so sorry! It truly is delightful to hear from you every week and I apologize for not responding as often as you share. Please know that you are ALWAYS in our prayers and we know that our Heavenly Father is watching over you and your companion(s), as well as blessing those members and non-members alike, whom you are working with. You truly bless our lives by serving and sharing those special moments and experiences with all of us here, back home!
    Grandpa and I have begun teaching another group of members preparing to enter the Temple after attending our Temple Preparation Seminar. It consists of six (weekly) lessons before they go to the temple, and one after they have gone through to receive their saving ordinances. We began just last Thursday, Feb. 3rd, with Lesson 1, where we summarize God’s “Plan of Salvation,” which is taught in depth in His Holy Temples. They understand that they will feel closer to Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, as they learn more about them in the temple. We enjoyed being introduced to new members of our ward who are in our class. One young woman, however, is Ella, whom I served with while I was in our ward’s Young Women organization and she was the Mia Maid’s class president. She is preparing to go through the temple as she is going to serve a mission. It’s especially nice for me to have this opportunity once again with her. The other members of our class are two married couples about to go to the temple for the first time. One couple, Bro. and Sis. Verbeeck (Ver’ bek”) are from Peru, and they have four children. Brother Verbeeck speaks English pretty well, and his wife is learning. They are both very sweet and humble. Another couple moved into our ward about six months ago while we were in Utah for the summer. They are converts to the Church, and shared with us that they have gone to many different churches, and none of them talked about God’s Plan of Salvation–which they knew was important! It’s nice to get to know them now, and we are truly excited for them to be able to prepare themselves to go through the temple and be sealed to their families! One brother (the last couple I told you about), asked Grandpa to stand in the circle with him this past Sunday while he was ordained an Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood. They truly are seeking to do all that the Lord asks of them. We truly are blessed for this opportunity to be the Lord’s hands, as we serve these choice brothers and sisters.
    Well, sweet Sister Malan! I’m sure you have more to get done, so I will end here. We are so happy to have you out in the mission field to help gather the Lord’s choice children who are seeking His word! May you always feel their presence in all that you do and say. May you always feel their love for you, personally, as well as their love for each person you come in contact with.
    We love and cherish you so very much–always remember that!
    Love, hugs and kisses!
    Grandma & Grandpa Malan

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