The Three Fates, But With One Braincell 👁

Ready for a 5 minute or less weekly? Me too! I only have 10 minutes to write. So the quick updates:

  • I moved to St John’s
  • I’m in a trio now with Sisters Atkinson & Legg!
  • We came up with nicknames for the three of us (Sis Mae Mae, Sis A, & Sis Lay Lay)
  • The radio was playing in the background of the entirety of Sacrament Meeting (it picks it up I guess)
  • My Santa Cruz Relief Society is AWESOME 👌👏😍 🍉🍉🍉
  • We got to pet LOTS of fur babies

Alright. I think that covers most of the main events. I LOVE being in a trio. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of momentum these last couple months, and I haven’t enjoyed that. I want to look back on my mission and be able to say I truly gave everything I had to the Lord. My talents, my heart, my knowledge, my testimony. I don’t want to stop when I go home either.


If any of you reading this are return missionaries (including you Dad), email or write me some advice if you find a minute, for how to make the last three months the best of my mission. This is the best year and a half FOR my life, and I want to do everything I can to make it worthwhile.

My companions are helping so much in so many regards. They help me with my self critical thoughts and staying motivated on the work. It’s also handy having two comps because when one of us goes to the bathroom, the other two can continue to work. (You shouldn’t be on your phone alone as a missionary)

Anyway, I’m going to head out and talk to my family now. >:3 It’s like I love them or something. Hope you alk have an amazing week! And seriously- thank you Santa Crus Relief Society! You sisters are the best!

Sister (Katie) Malan


Published by Katie Malan

Sister Malan is currently a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission (United States).

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  1. Ah, sweet Katie . . . uuuh, Sister Mae Mae!
    As usual, your thoughts and writings are so creative and delightful to read!
    I remember being in a Sacrament meeting when the radio was playing in the background once, too! But I can’t even remember what state we were in!? I know that someone in the building was working on fixing the “interference,” and eventually succeeded. Those “tech” guys can really come in handy. Too bad your Dad couldn’t have been there, hahaha!
    I love that you can be a trio with both your companions! I can just “feel” the love between you three! And I love your nicknames, too! That just may stick!
    I have found, Sis Mae Mae, that whenever YOU face a challenge of any sort, you are on the right track! You recognize your specific opposition, pray for help, ask for suggestions, and then listen to the spirit and, wah-lah!! You know exactly what to do! So, you’ve got this, girl!
    As I was reading your request for anyone who were return missionaries, “including (your) Dad,” . . . my thoughts were: “I wish I had.” But immediately the spirit reminded me that I DID! With Grandpa! While it was a different kind of mission, and we served only six months, I was certain that Heavenly Father could help me put that experience into focus, and floods of memories came to mind. Even though it was only 1/3 of your mission, when the time to ending any mission was/is coming soon…way too fast, you do find yourself wanting to be better, to give your all, before it all comes to an abrupt end, and we self-reflect. That is a good thing, and I believe it’s also a part of Heavenly Father’s plan. We need to always self-reflect, and look for all the good we have done and felt and all the relationships and experiences we have had, and use any negative weaknesses that the adversary always wants to point out to us, for good! It’s part of growing and seeing just how far we can stretch and improve—and enjoy!
    As Temple missionaries, we had a very special opportunity to serve all those who came to the Palmyra Temple to feel and enjoy the sweet spirit that permeated throughout their time there. One specific memory that comes to mind to share with you, just before our mission was over, was when I was relieving sweet Sister Stevens from her position in the temple, when she explained that while she was reading the scriptures, (and she quoted one part), that she felt that she didn’t believe that she ever “diligently (sought) Him.” I was certain she was carrying way too much self-doubt, and I judged her to be the most kind and spiritual and giving sister, that I told her so! But the important thing here is, she felt that she needed to “diligently seek (Him),” and was working on memorizing the specific scripture she had quoted. Now, that prompted me to do the same, and it was a wonderful experience!
    (So much so, that although I couldn’t at this time remember what scripture it was, I trusted Heavenly Father would direct me to that scripture to share with you. And, sure enough, He led me to 1 Nephi, and one step at a time, to Chapter 10, and then as I began skimming through the verses, found verses 17-19.)
    Now, back to my story: Then I went to work on memorizing those scriptures, and it was truly awesome . . . there are so many things in those simple three verses that, repeated over and over again, penetrated my heart and soul. I felt the joy and truths as if I were there! And, even today, I know that Heavenly Father is here with me and led me right to that specific scripture, even 1 Nephi 10:17-19, to share with you! I humbly thank Him for that, and thank you for opening up this treasured memory.
    You are a very choice daughter of God, Katie, who not only loves you, but is pleased with your ever-growing desire to give your all as you conscientiously (carefully, honestly, thoroughly) serve Him and help to gather Israel—His children. He’s got you, and you’ve got Him! Keep up the good work, Sis Mae Mae!
    We love you, sweet Katie, and we continually pray for your safety and well-being and success. And He ALWAYS answers our prayers!
    Eternally and with love,
    Grandpa & Grandma
    P.S. Knowing that I was going to write you after reading my scriptures today, I asked Heavenly Father to help me find a scripture that would have a specific meaning to you. I found that at the time, but after reading your letter, I was led in a different direction. I still feel prompted, however, to share that one last (or first) scripture for you to read (you don’t have to memorize this one). Here it is: Mosiah 3:1-4…maybe 5&6, too).

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