I have literally no energy right now, I’m probably gonna crash tonight. 😆 Good morning everyone!!! I love you all and hope you’ve had a spirit-filled week!

Sister Mamata and I got our transfer calls on Friday and found out that we are both leaving! I’m not surprised I’m leaving bc I’m here due to an emergency, but we were surprised Sister Mamata was leaving. Her comp will finish recovering and two new sisters will join her here in Jonesville. The members were sad, but we got to have a potluck yesterday and so I got to say hi/bye to most of them. We even had a virtual call will one family that’s on vacation so it was good to see them too. I’m gonna miss the members and friends here. They are amazing 👏😍

I’m also going to miss Sister Mamata! 😢 We’ve just had a blast the past week. We both needed this “week long exchange” more than we realized. It’s been a blessing, and it’s proof that the Lord sees these things in advance.

So to finish Transfer Call news. I will not be going back to the #triolife with Sis A and Sis Legg. They will stay together in St Johns, and I will be moving to… St. Joseph!!! I’m SO PUMPED to be spending my last transfer there because I believe I had some Malans live there for a few years. It’s one of the areas I’ve been wanting to serve in.

My new companion is Sister (Noelle) Hansen. She is artsy too! She does an amazing thing called “doodle Friday” where she posts a piece of art every week with a spiritual thought. I remember when she came to the mission and started doing that, I was amazed! (And a little sad I hadn’t been posting more art LOL) I’m so excited to be with her this transfer! Sister Evans (my MTC comp) will be one of my STLs so we’re so excited!!! To top it off, South Haven will be in my district so I might visit a couple times. I’ll be on the lookout for the Olivas and Diaz families… 👀

It’s weird that I’m getting close to going home. I’ve been really trying to focus on forgiving myself for not being a better missionary in the past and focus on being the missionary I wanted to be now so I can give absolutely every drop of effort to the Lord I have left. I know this is God’s work and He has given me everything. I want to give Him my all for this time and prepare myself to continue to give everything to Him for the rest of my life! Missionary work does not start when called as a missionary, and it does not end when released. It is the mission we are ALL called to do here on the Earth. We’re not fighting against each other to get back to God. We’re fighting with each other to get back to God.

Short email this week, I know, but I love you all. If there’s anything I could share this week as my top thing learned, it would be the reassurance that GOD KNOWS WHAT HES DOING even when we don’t, and if we trust in Him, we will find joy we’ve never before experienced. I hope every one of you has an opportunity to see this this week as it has been a blessing to my week.

Sister (Katie) Malan

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Sister Malan is currently a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission (United States).

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