Your Worth In The Eyes of The Father

Woah. Sometimes it just hits me that in 4 weeks I will actually be packed to fly home. It’s just felt like I’ll be a missionary forever. I always knew the time would come, but now that it’s approaching, it’s a whole whirlpool of emotions. Have I done enough? What difference did my service make in the Lord’s work? How do I continue improving when I return home? Questions like these have been swirling around along with several feelings of excitement, nervousness, joy, disappointment in effort, determination, and more.

I remember the weekly I wrote 11 weeks ago when I committed myself to write about something I’ve learned on the mission every week. Though I don’t feel like I’ve done that justice, I feel like I’ve still been able to share precious experiences to me, and just having those experiences recorded more in depth (due to slow handwriting) means a lot to me.

I just wanted to share a brief experience with you all today and make my weekly pretty short today. Got lots to do and no time to do it. 😅

So I fasted yesterday to find someone the Lord has been preparing to receive the missionaries at the time. The answer i got surprised me, but I know that it cane from God. My answer was reiterated several times yesterday in different settings, and it was that we needed to focus on people who had already joined the Lord’s fold that were struggling to come back. They are just as important as anyone we bring to the fold for the first time. In Christ’s church, every person is numbered, named, known. Not to say the people are perfect or anything like that. But we’re all trying to live in a way that we can accept Christ’s grace and exercise faith on his name by repenting and changing through him. It takes acting and can only be done through Christ’s Atonement anf mercy and grace.

We have a specific member that was baptized recently that we haven’t seen (collectively as missionaries) in over a month. The ward has been asking about him and we’re ready to band together to help this member come back. It was just an experience that further indicated that Heavenly Father treasures each of His children. No one can fall away from the love of God, right? That is not only for perfect members of His church. Everyone.

You are loved.

You are seen.

You are heard.

You are understood.

You are treasured

by a perfect being. A perfect Father. By His Son, who died for you. There’s never a time in my life I haven’t needed to hear, feel, and know those words. You are a beloved son or daughter of God and nothing will ever change that definite truth. The only thing that might change is whether or not you believe it.

I love you all and hope you can see the Lord working in your life through various ways. You’re so precious to him. Be safe this week! Know your worth!

Sister (Katie) Malan


Published by Katie Malan

Sister Malan is currently a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission (United States).

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