Ending On A High Note

This will be my last full week in Michigan. Next week, I probably will give a small update and my testimony. I am determined to finish this week strong and give even more than I have. As I’ve written my other emails this morning and pondered on the last 18.5 months, I decided to work on a few specific things.

First I’m going to work on increasing my faith in Jesus Christ. There always more I can commit to. Always more I can learn. Always additional opportunities to exercise more faith than I possess to increase my faith. This is essential this week as I seek to finish strong.

Something I told my Mission President this morning was that "I don’t think there’s a point in this life that I will have perfect faith, but if I strive to increase my faith in Jesus Christ daily, I’ll keep moving forward and that’s what matters. Faith in my life needs to apply to everything. In seeking education. In seeking how to continue to share the gospel. In seeking companionship. In seeking work. Everything. Improving daily. Repenting daily. Studying and applying daily."

Christ’s gospel is consistent. It takes consistently applying it. It’s allowing him to change us, but choosing to follow him. We will not follow him by chance. It will be by choice.

Second, I’m going to work on forgiving myself and allowing Christ’s Atonement to work fully in my life. I have not been a perfect missionary, and I’ve really struggled with that. I need to exercise faith that the Lord sent me to Michigan at this time, knowing I would make mistakes, and he still chose to send me on a mission to the Michigan Lansing Mission. Learning from the past, applying it today, and moving forward with a "perfect brightness of hope" in the Savior is how I will accomplish this.

Third, and finally, I need to reflect. I need to take time to reflect on everything I have learned and the principles Heavenly Father has taught me as I’ve labored in this work. How can I apply being a missionary back home? This is the most important work I could be a part of! Why would it only last for 18 months? Applying it to my life continues that work and journey. What Christlike attributes have I sought to develop and what have I learned through that?

Journaling is so important and I have slacked a lot the second half of the mission, but I have too much I’ve learned to forget it. It needs to be recorded so I can continue to apply what I’ve learned, and continue to learn! I still don’t know why some things happened on the mission, but I’m sure I’ll learn moving forward in the Lord’s timing.

I better run now. I’ve got to wake up mi familia. >:3 I love you all and hope you have an amazing week. Don’t forget about General Conference!!! I’m literally so excited for it!!! Be safe this week!

Sister (Katie) Malan


Published by Katie Malan

Sister Malan is currently a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Michigan Lansing Mission (United States).

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